Our Monthly Support Group Meetings. 
 Social Time-We take a few minutes to greet others at our table and just chat. This is a chance to get to know others who are sharing the same journey.
Guest Speaker-Professional Parkinson’s experts address a variety of topics related to living with PD. Vanderbilt Parkinson's Foundation Center of Excellence has provided speakers as well as experts in treatments, dieticians, and pharmaceutical representatives explaining medications available to treat certain symptoms.
Exercise- After our Speaker we engage in a short exercise at our seats to get the blood flowing.  These sessions only last a few minutes and can be done from a seated position if desired.
Small Groups Sessions- We divide up into small groups to discuss pre-arranged topics or to discuss and exchange PD information helpful to others dealing with issues. This is where the magic happens in the support group.  Members of the group often share solutions to day to day issues the general public are unaware exist with Parkinson's.
Final Announcements- Before we close the meeting we have a few announcements about upcoming events. We also announce any members who are having special health issues or hospital stays so we can do what is necessary to encourage them.

      Read about upcoming Meetings and Events

Some past meetings shown below.   ( post covid )



 13 November (event) Parkinson's Foundation                                                             Moving Day 

 This is a Parkinson's Foundation fund raiser fun outdoor walking event. You can read about the details by clicking the link below. If you decide to make a contribution or just want to join us for the walk please find our TEAM and join. The name of our team is : Rock Steady Boxing M'boro Support Group


  5 November (meeting) Kortney Borowitz                                                                       She will be addressing the issue of "down time"


 15 October (event) 60's Cruise

   "   60's Cruise for some Group fun " 

 Everyone is responsible for their own transportation.

Where: Drive to the Sonic Drive In   at  1129 Fortress Blvd Murfreesboro.

When: Friday 15 October 2021 at 10am

What to do: Order your favorite treat 

Communicate: Dial your cell phone to  720-740-9641  when prompted enter access code ( to be announced) join in the conference call with the other Cruisers. Tells us what you ordered. Describe your treat.

10:30 CRUISE At 10:30 we will start our cars and leave out of the Sonic parking lot in a line of cars. We will turn right onto Fortress and Cruise to Blaze and turn right. We will pull into the high school parking lot and park, then   take individual and group pictures and chat and talk. Stay as long as you want or until the cops arrive ( grin).


  1 OCTOBER  (meeting)  Matt Parks  Williams Medical 

 Williams Medical  Medical Devices that help with mobility and accessibility in the home


10 September Meeting

Guest Speaker  Patrick Kelly 

We took 10 minutes to chat at our tables before we welcomed our guests and started our meeting. Kelly Arney Outreach Coordinator for the Parkinson Foundation Center of Excellence at Vanderbilt was visiting with us as a form of encouragement. Our speaker Patrick Kelly told his inspirational story of his journey with several medical complications including multiple myeloma a rare bone cancer and a major spine disorder in addition to his Parkinson’s. Edie McFarlin led us in several exercises to include breathing exercises. Jon MacBeth donated name tag holders and spoke briefly to explain the color code and use.   Ron spoke about the “Aware in Care” kit and reminded everyone to continue to bring them to the meetings. We started a new segment to the meeting called “Getting to know You.” We will select two people each meeting to get to know.  In our Group Sessions we discussed: “Parkinson’s things you are dealing with right now” and recommendations from the group. Ron reminded us about future events and of our speaker next month at our 1 October meeting, Matt Parks  from Williams Medical who will be bringing mobility devices and devices for the home to make life easier for the person with PD. We had some goody treats provided by Carol Ellis, Martha Sudduth, Kumiko Kinney and Sharon Ream. (31)

6 August Meeting

Steven Afrow

Our Guest Speaker was Steven D. Afrow APRN Neurology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Steven works daily with Parkinson’s patients and is an advocate for patients. Steven  spoke about  medication management and about what to expect as a person dealing with PD. He spoke about adopting an ever adapting mindset and making changes as necessary to attain the best possible quality of life. This  includes diet, exercise, sleep and reducing stress factors.  He concluded with a Question and Answer session.            Sharon Ream  led us in exercises of stretching. Ron recognized those who have volunteered for positions in the Support Group so far.  We broke down into small discussion groups dividing into groups of 4 or 5 at each table. We had those with Parkinson's together at tables and Care partners also gathered at tables together. We introduced ourselves, told the year of diagnosis and current issues.                                                                         Ron closed the meeting with announcements and upcoming events.  (30)                                                                                                                           

 July 2021 Meeting

Guest Speaker  Amanda Spiehler

   Ron Ream opened the meeting recognizing Rick Nelson long time member and Chair Person for the Parkinson's support Group at the Senior Center who has now retired from that position.  Laura Grissome from the Senior Center staff helped and said a few words of recognition while presenting a framed Certificate of Appreciation signed by members of the Group.  We appreciate Rick and the four years of service that he and his wife Glynda provided. 

         The Guest Speakers was Amanda Spielher South East Director of the Parkinson's Foundation. Amanda spoke about the great resource available though the Parkinson's Foundation and provided an impressive variety of brochures and pamphlets. Amanda also spoke about the "Aware in Care" kit and spoke about the ongoing education initiative the Parkinson's Foundation is doing with the medical community.  She also spoke about the ATTP Allied Team Training for Parkinson's and the PD gene research program.   After our speaker Sharon Ream led us in some seated exercises to get our blood pumping. After our exercise Ron discussed some volunteer positions and provided the speaker schedule for the rest of the year.  He also spoke about some short term goals. We broke down into our small groups of 5-6 and discussed Amanda's presentation and shared Parkinson's related information with each other and just socialized.   Ron closed the meeting after announcing upcoming events. (20)

 June 2021 Meeting

Guest Speaker  Jenna Davis
       Rock Steady Boxing

  Ron opened the meeting with some announcements and recognized the members who have already volunteered.  

Guest Speaker Jenna Davis From "Rock Steady Boxing" discussed the history of RSB and how this exercise program is designed specifically for Persons with Parkinson's' .  We then did some fun exercises.                  

 Ron spoke a little about the need for volunteers and establishing certain organizational group routines  and establishing a schedule. We also broke into small groups of 5-6 and discussed topics for upcoming meetings and volunteer opportunities. We concluded with some announcemencts of upcoming events. (20)

    May 2021 Meeting 

Guest Speaker     Ron and Sharon Ream 

Ron and Sharon Ream talked about re-starting the Murfreesboro Parkinson's Support Group after the Covid year not being able to meet. We had a "get-to-know" each other session and concluded with some announcements of upcoming events.

Meetings prior to May 2021

Meeting were conducted for over a decade before covid

In March 2020 the Saint Clair Street Senior Center had to close due to the Covid Pandemic.  All of the Parkinson's Support Group members were invited to join the Franklin Support Group zoom meeting each month. Many were not able to join the zoom.

 Meetings resumed in person at the Senior Center in  May 2021.  (13)

Meeting and Event

Special Recognition

 This is our 9 July Meeting

Mr Ricky Nelson presented with a  Certificate of Appreciation. with Laura Grissom and Ron Ream

For four years of outstanding service Ricky and his wife Glynda who passed during the covid pandemic.


Breakout into discussion groups