Parkinson's Support Group 
                         Murfreesboro Tennessee 
                   Saint Clair Street Senior Center
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Monthly Meetings are the first Friday each month unless posted

Persons with Parkinson's and Care Partners are welcome to our monthly meeting. Meet others who deal with Parkinson's. Our monthly meetings are a mixture of education and community. We normally have a guest speaker. Many topics address issues for Parkinson's. We also break down into small groups of 5 or 6 to discuss topics important to us, to learn from one another and to have fun and build community. 


                                  What We do at Our Monthly Support Group Meetings.                                                                                                           
                                                             Social Time                                                                                       We take a few minutes to greet others at our table and just chat. This is a chance to get to know others who are sharing the same journey.
                                                            Guest Speaker                                                                                 Professional Parkinson’s experts address a variety of topics related to living with PD. Vanderbilt Parkinson's Foundation Center of Excellence has provided speakers as well as experts in treatments, dieticians, and pharmaceutical representatives explaining medications available to treat certain symptoms.
                                                                 Exercise                                                                                            After our Speaker we engage in a short exercise at our seats to get the blood flowing.  These sessions only last a few minutes and can be done from a seated position if desired.                                                                       Get-to-Know-You Segment                                                                         We chose two people each meeting to learn more about. We learn about family and favorite food,  music, and travel. We also have to guess which statement out of three is NOT true about them. Fun community building activity.
                                                     Small Groups Sessions                                                                              We divide up into small groups to discuss pre-arranged topics or to discuss and exchange PD information helpful to others dealing with issues. This is where the magic happens in the support group.  Members of the group often share solutions to day to day issues the general public are unaware exist with Parkinson's.
                                                        Final Announcements                                                                               Before we close the meeting we have a few announcements about upcoming events. We also announce any members who are having special health issues or hospital stays so we can do what is necessary to encourage them.


                                             NEXT ACTIVITY

  Friday 5 August  Monthly Meeting 10am

                               Come and join us.  


      ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT FUTURE MEETINGS CAN BE FOUND ON                                                                   THE MEETING SCHEDULE PAGE


Our Mission

Our Mission is to reach persons with Parkinson's and give them new hope. Together through education, exercise and community we are determined  to improve the quality of life for both persons with Parkinson's and their Care Partners.


Manage your

Managing your medication is an important part of having the best quality of life if you have Parkinson's.

Being part of a Support Group can help you gain knowledge by hearing Expert Speakers and Support Group members sharing personal experiences.

Purpose Driven Exercise

The most important breakthrough in treating Parkinson's is not medication alone but by combining proper medication management with an exercise program that is designed specifically for Parkinson's Patients 

Become Active in a  Support Group

Learning from guest speakers helps you to expand your knowledge about how to deal with your Parkinson's.

Having Group members share experiences enhances the everyday quality of life. Learn from others how to use techniques and methods they have used to improve day to day living.

Help us Locate People dealing with Parkinson's

Do you know someone with Parkinson's?  Please let them know about the Parkinson's Support Groups in our area.

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Contact us

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