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Below is a youtube video about why to join a Support Group. 

We hope to have our own member videos soon.

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Our Stories
Why we belong to a Support Group

helping each other

Sharon has Parkinson’s                           I thought my Parkinson’s took my future away but it only altered it. My support group allowed me to share victories and challenges and created a deep bond with new friends during a difficult time in my life.

 Rick has Parkinson’s 
My support group accepts me the way I am. I can just be myself. Parkinson’s people have a unique set of issues they have to deal with and we can talk about those. Sometimes it’s just a relief to talk about it.

Bettye    Care Partner                               Parkinson’s is challenging and a bit frightening. Going thru it alone is a struggle. It is helpful having others around you who understand  and reach out to help. We are so blessed to have this resource.

Ron     Care Partner                                   Parkinson’s is difficult and challenging. Learning and sharing with a caring PD support group has established new friendships and helped maintain our quality of life.   


Charles   Person with Parkinson's

“You have Parkinson’s Disease.” Four little words that changed everything for our family. It is overwhelming some days, but those days are easier with the friends and support I have found in this wonderful community. Finding people who are walking the same path you are, and can share the journey help more than most people realize. This community has been our lifeline.